Syntax has shutdown, see below for the notice:

Dear Registry,

On behalf of our customer Roblox Corporation ("Roblox"), we are making you aware of the following domain and content on it that is using Roblox intellectual property without authorization.


While the associated website requires a login, available evidence along with an investigation by Roblox have found it to be using both protected designs including artwork, characters, and gaming interface as well as replication of Roblox software. Please note that the website's login page initially included reference to the Roblox gaming platform which was removed after an initial unmasking request was made. The associated Discord Server linked to the registration page retains this reference (see attached screenshots).

The infringing content can be located at:




References to original copyrighted works for Roblox can be located at:





Despite any disclaimer of original content, the replication of Roblox's copyrighted works on the reported website causes confusion as to the source and damages the Roblox brand by unfairly utilizing Roblox's intellectual property as its own while encouraging similar infringements of the Roblox gaming platform.

Based on the information provided and the stated mission of the .eco registry, we request that you suspend the reported domain or contact us with any questions or concerns.

It was a good run. In my opinion, it's useless to move to another revival. One goes down, three take its place. I imagine more are gonna get taken down beyond this point